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Comparing and contrasting Tortoises and turtles

Do you know that turtles and tortoises have similarities and differences. Turtles and tortoises both don’t have teeth, they have small brains but they are smart. however they do have differences. Turtles live only for 20 to 30 years but tortoises can live for 100 to 150 years. Even though  turtles live in water. Tortoises can only live on the  land. Both turtles and tortoises  go into hibernation  for around 5 months during winter time. When they hibernate turtles cover themselves in muddy water while tortoises hibernate by hiding inside their shells just sleeping and not eating.

Our Wearable Waste Fashion Show

On Thursday it was our special day. Everyone from Room 6 and 7 were exuberant about showcasing our fashion creations to the rest of the students and teachers of our school. We were going to have a Wearable Waste Fashion Show.

During the week we used recycled materials to create our wearable art. By doing this, we hope that less rubbish will go into our seas and harm the marine life. For myself, I decided to use  a black garbage bag and old magazines. I pulled the pages of the magazine and made them into flowers. I made a pile of flowers. Mrs Yumul  taught me how to make flowers. It was fun! That was on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I made another pile of flowers to put on my hat that Mrs Foden found in the resource room. Mrs Yumul stuck my flowers on my hat with a glue gun and put some on my bag. The hardest part was when I made some flowers, the easiest part was when I put the garbage bag on. That was the end of Wednesday.

It is finally the day, Room 6 and 7 are going to be nervous. I was a little nervous too. Mrs Yumul just had to put the flowers on my dress. After lunch we got dressed in our costumes and went to Room 7 to practice our walks.  When every class came in I wasn’t that excited. When it was my turn I was happy because everything was fine. At first I was thinking that I might trip.That was the end of the fashion show. Now I have nothing to worry about. I was very proud of my final outfit. 

Littering is bad for our environment

What is litter? Well, you are  about to find out that litter is  rubbish that people chuck away and it eventually goes  into the sea. Plastic is the worst type of litter because it goes everywhere and can stay there for years without decomposing. It is a hazard for sea animals, plants and our environment. 

When  turtles or dolphins or whales die, often they have plastic that is stuck in their stomachs. Bryde’s Whales  are nearly extinct and I feel  worried for these animals so we must look after them. There are only 200 left in our  Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.

The drains can suck rubbish out to the sea and this is bad for our environment. If we did not throw rubbish everywhere, our seas would be cleaner. Have you ever heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?  Many countries have thrown rubbish everywhere and it’s ended up in a vortex  that is going round and round in the Pacific Ocean. It’s really bad! 

Now that we have learned about the devastation caused by littering, it would be nice if all the people in the whole wide world do not litter so we have a better place to live in.

The Duffy Show

Last Tuesday afternoon we marched to the hall to meet Duffy and Scruffy and Crystal. They introduced themselves and after that we sang the Duffy song.


The story was about detective Duffy and Scruffy. Scruffy was a nuisance because if I was Duffy I’d be embarrassed because of Scruffy. Scruffy was scared of a mouse. Meanwhile they found out that Crystal the rugby player was their cousin.


I like Scruffy because he has a nice voice when singing. His voice was gorgeous but he had a loud voice screaming. I will never stop liking music. It is just so fun and I’m obsessed with music. When Duffy screamed, I got  jump scared. I think Scruffy has a fun personality because he’s always happy!


Crystal was a rugby player. Her cousins were Duffy and Scruffy. One time she went to the two brothers’ school.  She had a problem with her stats. The scores were wrong. I heard Scruffy saying  that Crystal was seven years old, when in fact she’s already thirty years old. I felt really sad for Crystal because she was very embarrased. 


Duffy and Scruffy were wanting to help Crystal because Crystal wanted to give up rugby but she decided not to. Duffy and Scruffy  had already found out that it was a mouse in the Breakie Bites factory that had caused the mistake. 


The story was enjoyable. I really loved the Duffy show. Next year they said it’s  going to be under the sea. I’m excited for next year’s show.


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