The Duffy Show

Last Tuesday afternoon we marched to the hall to meet Duffy and Scruffy and Crystal. They introduced themselves and after that we sang the Duffy song.


The story was about detective Duffy and Scruffy. Scruffy was a nuisance because if I was Duffy I’d be embarrassed because of Scruffy. Scruffy was scared of a mouse. Meanwhile they found out that Crystal the rugby player was their cousin.


I like Scruffy because he has a nice voice when singing. His voice was gorgeous but he had a loud voice screaming. I will never stop liking music. It is just so fun and I’m obsessed with music. When Duffy screamed, I got  jump scared. I think Scruffy has a fun personality because he’s always happy!


Crystal was a rugby player. Her cousins were Duffy and Scruffy. One time she went to the two brothers’ school.  She had a problem with her stats. The scores were wrong. I heard Scruffy saying  that Crystal was seven years old, when in fact she’s already thirty years old. I felt really sad for Crystal because she was very embarrased. 


Duffy and Scruffy were wanting to help Crystal because Crystal wanted to give up rugby but she decided not to. Duffy and Scruffy  had already found out that it was a mouse in the Breakie Bites factory that had caused the mistake. 


The story was enjoyable. I really loved the Duffy show. Next year they said it’s  going to be under the sea. I’m excited for next year’s show.


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